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EPF supports EPPs in preparing high–quality teacher candidates


The EPF is grounded in evidence-based best practices in educator preparation, in Texas, that lead to the development of well-prepared teacher candidates that leads to:


Common Language

The EPF builds a common language around the best practices effective EPPs engage in daily.

Continuous Improvement

The EPF supports EPP continuous improvement through recognition of high-quality programs and an aligned continuing review process.


The EPF provides the foundation for alignment of statewide resources and supports to the needs of Texas EPPs.

The Effective Preparation Framework

The EPF consists of five foundational LEVERS that EPPs pull to ensure that novice teachers are well-prepared. A set of ESSENTIAL ACTIONS for each lever that describes what the most effective EPPs do to support powerful educator preparation, and for each essential action, KEY PRACTICES define high-level performance with specificity.

The EPF consists of five foundational LEVERS that work together as an integrated whole that, when pulled by EPPs, ensures that novice teachers are well-prepared and have demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary to improve the performance students in Texas. 

EPF Framework
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EPF Framework


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Development Process

Collaboration and Stakeholder Involvement

The development of the EPF has been a collaborative effort, involving input from various stakeholders within the education community. Through extensive feedback and guidance from SBEC members, EPSG, professional organizations, EPP colleagues, the EPF working group, Educate Texas’ Educator Preparation Regulatory Committee, and EPPs representing the diverse landscape of Texas, we have created a framework that sets a high standard for educator preparation quality and provides a clear path to achieving it. The EPF applies to all EPPs in Texas, regardless of program type or context.

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